D3 is happening! Not, that’s not a prequel to D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die. It’s this year’s Devolver Digital Direct marketing showcase.

We’ve had quite a lot of digital showcases this past couple of months, what with E3 getting canceled and all. The self-proclaimed “seventh-best indie game label” wants in.

This year’s Devolver Direct will take place on July 11, 12 pm Pacific US time.

Just like the previous Devolver Directs, this show will also be pre-recorded. That usually means mayhem, weirdness, and, hopefully, Mahria Zook.

We should also be getting new game reveals, gameplay demos, release date announcements, and special guests from the industry to “help usher in these important marketing bullet points.” Devolver promises that most of what we’re going to see will be actual gameplay, because that is what the youths demand, and that is what the youths will get.

You can expect games like Carrion, Disc Room and a couple of unannounced games to make an appearance.

If you want to follow the Devolver’s Direct continuity (yes, these press shows have their own story arch), you should watch last year’s show. Be warned, though – it’s really messed up.

Developer Direct 2020 will air on July 11, 12 pm PT, on Twitch and Steam.

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