Sam Barlow, the man behind the gripping FMV games Her Story and Telling Lies, has announced his next game – Project Ambrosio. The name is just a working title, as the game is also known as Project A███████ on Steam.

What’s Project Ambrosio about? No idea. It could be about snakes, or synchronized swimming if the weird videos on the game’s Steam page are any indication. But I think it’s more about non-linear time.

Sam Barlow Project Ambrosio

Project Ambrosio is pretty cryptic. The official description on the game’s Steam Page is mostly redacted, though we can spot a few legible words. These words are Gothic, NYC, pop star, Barlow, custodian, and concordance.

We can also see mention of a few years: 1968, 1971, 1999, and 2022. Each year has its own little paragraph, presumably detailing events or characters related to the game’s story. My guess is Project Ambrosio is going to jump between those years to tell a non-linear narrative starring multiple characters.

Both Her Story and Telling Lies tell a fragmented story the player has to piece together on their own. It seems that this time Barlow and Half Mermaid Productions are taking it a step further.

So it makes sense that Barlow told PC Gamer in an interview that his next game is his most ambitious title by a wide margin.

“Off the back of Telling Lies, we took on some investment that means we can fully fund and publish the next thing. And to keep things interesting for me, [Project Ambrosio] is ten times more ambitious.”

According to Barlow, his new game is a “return to horror” and an interrogation into “how stories are told in cinema, from the full creative process to the act of watching.”

It all sounds very interesting, to say the least. Right now, Barlow and company intend to keep Project Ambrosio a mystery. However, we do know it’s coming out in the year 2███, which is… in the future?

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