Zoink Games, the creative force behind Fe and Flipping Death, has announced a new game called Lost in Random. The game was briefly revealed in 2019, but now we get to learn more about it.

Plus, publisher EA has released an official teaser trailer, which gives us a chance to see the game’s distinct art style.

Lost in Random takes place in the kingdom of Random, where everything about a citizen and their future is controlled by a dark force. It even decides what your favorite color is going to be.

Despite its name, everyone in Random fears randomness and chaos, which leads to a dull, gloomy, and stifling life. We can see this reflected in the game’s visual style. The Burtonesque stop-motion aesthetics remind me of A Nightmare Before Christmas or Laika Studios’ works.

We play as Even, a small girl with a big temper, who goes on a journey to rid Random of the evil force that controls it. With the help of her sentient die companion, Dicey, she can alter the fate of the kingdom and its inhabitants, and fight back.

Lost in Random is part of EA’s EA Original initiative, the same program that brought us indie games such as A Way Out, Unraveled, and Sea of Solitude.

Lost in Random will be released in 2021.

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