If games featuring grotesque monsters, horror touches, and a protagonist that has to stand against the darkness are your cup of tea, you may want to take a look at Vigil: The Longest Night.

Vigil is the debut title of Glass Heart Games and is published by Another Indie, a young publisher that also brought us the creepy Yuppie Psycho. Watch the trailer below to see what Vigil: The Longest Night is all about.

In Vigil: The Longest Night you play as Leila, the last member of The Vigil. Leila will face fierce battles against horrific creatures that stalk her in a dark world that has long forgotten what daylight is. In this darkness, your only choice is the choice of steel, as Leila will have to bring down the creeping evil before it will devour her hometown.

The game is inspired by the Castlevania series and Salt and Sanctuary, and aims to compel the players with its strong narrative despite the challenging gameplay. You’ll experience a precise action-packed combat mechanics that will have you wielding and choosing between several weapons to defeat your enemies.

Level up Leila and equip her with the best gear money can buy. And don’t forget to stock on healing potions and Molotov cocktails.

Vigil: The Longest Night has Metroidvania aspects to it as well, and you’ll definitely need your platforming skills for this one, as you move around this eldritch horror-themed game.

Though the release date is still unknown, you can play the demo and wishlist the game on Steam. Vigil: The Longest Night will be available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch at launch.

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