Röki release date revealed with a beautiful and informative trailer

Röki, a fantastical adventure inspired by Scandinavian folklore, has an official release date. The game is coming to PC on July 23.

The release date announcement came at the end of a new trailer, first aired during the Guerilla Collective live stream.

In this new Röki trailer, we learn more about the protagonist Tove and the magical world she explores. We will solve puzzles, meet forgotten monsters, and even delves into Tove’s memories to learn more about her past.

It seems Tove is running from something, or towards something, but even she doesn’t know exactly what. We’ll slowly unveil a story of “tragic loss” and eventually learn the truth.

As the narrator puts it, Röki is a game about monsters that shouldn’t exist, but do. And I’m not completely sure she’s talking about the mythological creatures we see in the trailer.

Röki is coming to PC via Steam and GOG on July 23 and will hit the Nintendo Switch later this year.

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