The squirrels of Melmoth Forest are up to something. No one’s sure what, exactly, but whatever it is, it’s suspicious, and it’s your job to figure it out in the upcoming narrative adventure Nuts.

As a rookie field researcher, you’ll place not-so-hidden cameras around the forest, comb the footage, and unearth the secrets of the squirrels.

Nuts is centered around surveillance. You’ll use cameras, GPS, your cunning intellect, and a fax machine to uncover what the heck is going on in Melmoth Forest.

“You are a tiny cog in the ever-grinding machinery of Viago University’s research efforts,” reads the game’s official website. “You’ve been sent on assignment to live alone in a dinky caravan in Melmoth Forest. Your job? To figure out where the native squirrels nest and what mysterious business they get up to.”

During the day, you’ll go outside to place your cameras. Then, you go back to your makeshift command center to watch the footage at night. Through trial and error, you’ll eventually track the movements of your furry suspects, and follow them to their stash.

What awaits you there is, at this point, a mystery.

The striking visual style is probably the first thing you’ll notice about Nuts. The contrasting colors sure are beautiful, but they also help you distinguish what’s relevant to your current situation, and what isn’t.

The game also features full voice acting, though, as far as I can tell, the only person you’ll be talking to is your boss Dr. Nina Scholz. Or maybe with the squirrels, as well, if you get lonely enough.

Nuts is an indie title developed by a handful of people. You can give it a try right now play downloading and playing the free demo on Steam. If you go nuts over what you see, press that “Add to your wishlist” button.

Nuts will be available in 2021 on PC through Steam.

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