Voidtrain is a survival game about a train traveling through an interdimensional void. Don’t you love it when a game’s premise is immediately evident in the title?

There’s a little more to the game than trains and void, naturally. There are flying shark-like creatures, Nazis, and other monstrous creatures.

In Voidtrain, you are a crew member onboard an interdimensional express. Your train goes through one strange world to the next, each with its own rules and dangers. And, of course, there’s the mysterious void that exists in between dimensions.

Your train starts off as a simple trolley, but by gathering debris and other resources floating in the void, you’ll upgrade it into a rolling fortress. You can add extra cars, build better defenses, or improve the engine to make the whole thing move faster. You can also craft tools, like weapons or the grappling hook we see in the trailer above.

But upgrading the train has a downside – the faster it moves, the more challenging the game becomes. The game will continuously check how well you’re progressing, and start adding more obstacles and creatures in your way if you’re doing a little too well.


In the void, you can discover floating items full of resources and loot, but also dangerous monsters. Other islands offer puzzles that will net you special rewards if you manage to solve them. You will also stumble on Interdimensional Train Depots.

These depots serve as a checkpoint between the different worlds, infested with Nazis (interdimensional Nazis?). Killing the scum and freeing their hostages will award you with generous rewards for your crew and train. You can also stop there to use a Void Card – a sort of modifier that will make the next world tougher, but more rewarding,

You can play Voidtrain as a lone engineer in single-player, or you can join your friends in the 4-player online multiplayer.

Voidtrain will be available for PC through Steam in fall 2020. If you like what you see – wishlist the game; it will help the indie developer Nearga and publisher HypeTrain Digital to spread the word about their game.

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