If you didn’t have to worry about money ever again, what kind of art would you make? This is the question that fuels Kaleidocraft, a creative game in which you design holograms, decorate your artist room, and get feedback from a virtual social network.

You won’t need to think long about this question, though, as the game is heading to Steam Early Access very soon.

What if you lived in a world where money isn’t a thing anymore? What if you lived in a world where making art was something you could do without having to worry about financial stability? In Kaleidocraft, this is exactly the kind of utopia you live in.

Instead of working all day long, you can instead stay at home and design holograms that you can display. You can use a kaleidoscope effect to harness the power of symmetry, craft intricate mandalas, or try your hand at replicating famous art pieces. You can then post your art on the in-game social network, and get feedback.

As you gain positive feedback and exposure, you will be able to gain fame and unlock rewards. Yes, Kaleidocraft is the only place where getting paid for your art in “exposure” instead of money is actually a good thing. A utopia indeed.

This could be your opportunity to hone your artistic skills and create something magical, or just live the good life of a world-famous artist.

Fortunately, your art debut isn’t too far away, as Kaleidocraft is coming to Steam Early Access very soon. The developers at Valiant Game Studio envision the Early Access phase as an opportunity to develop the game based on player input, which is always a fun experience.

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