Paradise Lost teaser trailer sets the stage for a grim mystery adventure

Publisher All In! Games just released the first Paradise Lost teaser trailer. We don’t see much in the trailer (mainly because of all the snow) but the narration paints a dark picture.

Paradise Lost is a mystery adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic Europe.

In this version of WWII, the Nazis dropped nuclear bombs on Poland and Germany in an attempt to repel the allied forces, turning the continent into a frozen wasteland.

20 years later, you play a child wondering this hellish landscape alone, when you stumble on an old, abandoned Nazi bunker. Inside, you discover a treasure trove of advanced technology mixed with Slavic folklore.

As you explore this underground world, you’ll face decisions that will affect what you will see on your journey. Each time you play, you can make different choices to experience a different narrative.

Paradise Lost is planned for release on PC in 2020. Console versions are in the cards, but we still don’t have anything solid information about them.

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