Fall Guys invites you to join the beta with a new gameplay trailer

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the feel-good battle royale, is heading into its public beta phase soon. If you want (and you do), you can sign up to be a part of said phase.

Head over to the game’s official site and join Devolver’s Beta Squadron for a chance to be one of the clumsy, adorable, and festively dressed contenders.

In the Fall Guys beta, you’ll play through randomized rounds for up to 60 players. Those rounds will include activities like Door Dash, Tip Toe, Hex-A-Gone, Tail Tag, Hit Parade, Egg Hunt, and Fall Mountain. We can see some of these in the trailer, and they all look incredibly fun.

Some are competitive free-for-alls while others split competitors into groups that work together to win the round. Survive to move to the next round until you’re crowned the winner. Fail, and get eliminated – it is a battle royale game after all.

But win or fail, you can do that in style thanks to the game’s character customization options. You can dress up as a pineapple, a pirate, or even a unicorn, among many other things – anything to set you apart in the crowd.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout comes out on PC and PlayStation 4 in summer 2020

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