Killsquad, the four-player fast-paced action title, dropped a new update called Crush the Plague, continuing the game’s main storyline.

The previous Genesis update introduced the storyline and missions of the first act of the game. Now, Crush the Plague adds eight new Veteran contracts to expand the main campaign to a total of 20 missions.

In Crush the Plague, our bounty hunters Zero, Troy, Cass, and Kosmo, fight through new locations across the Outer Reach against new enemies and bosses. Their goal is pretty simple – to crush a plague that’s ravaging the galaxy.

Throughout the new contracts, you’ll face Federation Forces, the controllers of the galaxy. You’ll also go on zoological expeditions full of minions of the Plague – some of which are pretty big and nasty (as the trailer shows).

Developer Novarama swears they came up with the plague storyline before the coronavirus pandemic. Though, it would’ve been cool if we could wipe out COVID-19 the same way the Killsquad heroes do in Crush the Plague.

“[The storyline] was designed well before coronavirus, but we thought it’s karma,” game director Daniel Sanchez-Crespo write us in an email. “The update has been developed by a team in confinement, about heroes coming together to defeat a virus.”

Novarama says that the next update, scheduled for August will focus more on game progression. It will take players to Space Station Skua, the battle station of the Federation Forces, and add a deeper career path for each of the four bounty hunters.

Killsquad is now available on PC through Steam Early Access.

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