Chorus is a new dark space combat shooter from Deep Silver Fishlabs.

It’s a completely new single-player IP about an ace pilot and her sentient AI partner. The two fly around the galaxy and fight to liberate it from an evil cult called the Circle.

Chorus, not to be confused with Chorus: A Musical Adventure by Dragon Age writer David Gaider, is the story of Nara. She’s an ex-cultist, once the Circle’s deadliest warrior and now their most wanted fugitive. She flies around the galaxy with Forsaken, a sentient starfighter with an equally mysterious backstory.

You will take control of both of them, and unlock “devastating weapons and mind-bending abilities” in your quest to bring down the Circle and their leader, the Great Prophet. Someone named “the Great Prophet” is obviously bad news in any video game.

Playing both as the pilot and her ship is an interesting concept. I’m not sure how it will come into play – will we be able to leave the ship and go on foot as Nara, or is it merely be a matter of using the different abilities of each character? Extra-sensory perception, teleportation, and telekinesis are just some of the tools and skills at your disposal mid-combat.

Chorus Nara

Speaking of combat, Chorus will have you blasting massive hordes of enemies and take down titanic battleships in a variety of environments. You’ll fly around (and through) sprawling space stations, ancient temples, and strange planes beyond our reality.

According to Deep Silver Fishlabs’ studio director Tobias Severin, Chorus fully leverages the power of next-gen consoles, and offers rich and detailed environments with ray tracing technology, in 4K resolution and 60FPS.

Chorus will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2021. The game will support Smart Delivery, which means you can buy it on Xbox One and get it on Xbox Series X as well.

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