Kill It With Fire is a first-person action game where you hunt spiders in your apartment and kill them; preferably with fire.

Developer Casey Donnellan Games and publisher tinyBuild released a trailer for the game, where we see you can kill the spiders using a lot more than fire. Explosives, guns, and ninja stars are all fair game.

In Kill It With Fire, you play an exterminator fighting humankind’s most ancient and deadly nemesis – the humble spider. You collect an arsenal of weapons and pursue the eight-legged menace on a “journey across time and suburbia.”

But killing the spiders isn’t as easy as setting them on fire, shooting them, or squashing them. Well, technically, it is that easy, but you have to find them first. At your disposal is a state-of-the-art arachnid tracking device that will direct you to their dark and dank hiding spots. Then you can set them on fire, shoot them, and squash them.

Oh, and be careful not to burn down the apartment while you’re at it. Or do, if it means assuring the destruction of the eight legged freaks.

Kill It With Fire is developed by Casey Donnellan, a former AAA developer and one of the founders of Rooster Teeth Games. The game is scheduled to come out in July 2020 for PC via Steam.

If you want to practice your spider-slaying skills, you can download Kill It With Fire: Ignition, a short demo with about half an hour of gameplay. It’s available for free on Steam right now.

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