Have you seen The Autopsy of Jane Doe? It’s a pretty good horror movie about two coroners haunted by the dead woman currently laying on their autopsy table. Well, clearly someone at Woodland Games saw it because they’ve made Autopsy Simulator – a whole game with the same concept.

In Autopsy Simulator, you play as Jack, a pathologist who performs forensic autopsies for a living. Since this is a simulator, expect to do some yucky things, like slicing open dead people, removing their organs, and performing all sorts of tests to determine their cause of death.

As the game puts it, you’ll need to know your cases “inside and out.” Funny.

But Autopsy Simulator isn’t a straightforward simulator. It also includes horror elements that start popping up once you go through the autopsy of a mysterious woman. When Jack discovers the engagement ring of his missing wife instead of the woman, things start to deteriorate quickly.

Hallucinations and roaming corpses seem to be part of it, but it’s impossible to know if you’ll be under any real threat in the game. We can see Jack popping some pills to calm himself down, so maybe it’s all in your head?

Autopsy Simulator

Developer Woodland Games claims that each of the cases you’ll investigate was “created with the help of pathomorphologists and forensic doctors.” Autopsy Simulator emphasizes realism, so the procedures you’ll perform are supposedly all part of a real autopsy. Maybe not the part where you run away from reanimated corpses, though.

Also, the sound effects used in the trailer don’t sound very realistic, but I have no true way of knowing since I never removed someone’s brain before.

Autopsy Simulator doesn’t have a release date yet, but it does have a Steam page you can check out. As far as we know, the game will only be available on PC.

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