The Last Campfire gameplay video shows a beautiful, hopeless world

The Last Campfire was announced a while ago, but we haven’t yet got a proper look at it. Developer Hello Games has decided to change that. The first The Last Campfire gameplay video was released yesterday, during the first stream of Inside Xbox in 2020.

The gameplay video shows Ember, the cute little character we’ll be playing. They wake up in a dark, hopeless place, and must solve environmental puzzles to release hope back into the world.

We see one example of such puzzles, where Ember pulls a chain to create a bridge between them and hope. Every puzzle in the game will feel new and a unique twist. Lead designer Steven Burgess compares it to a “smorgasbord of different logic puzzles.”

The Last Campfire looks really lovely. It is doubly impressive when you learn that all the art and animations are made by just one man – art director Chris Symonds. Burgess calls the game’s style and mood “charming dark fantasy” and claims you don’t get to see it too often in video games. I guess he never played Little Misfortune.

The Last Campfire’s debut gameplay video does a great service to the game, and now I’m eager to join Ember’s journey even more than I was before.

You and I will be able to do just that when The Last Campfire flickers to life later this summer, on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch.

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