There’s some newly leaked info regarding Resident Evil 8, the next game in the Resident Evil series once they stop with all the remakes.

The game is rumored to see the return of both Chris Redfield and Ethan from Resident Evil 7. It will be set in a European setting, hence its “full” title – Resident Evil Village. The Roman numeral 8 (VII) will appear within the word “Village,” as you can see in the fan rendering below:

Resident Evil 8 Village
Image credit: Biohazardcast

Website Biohazardcast has recently published new information from one of its frequent leakers. This is your obligatory reminder to take everything you read here with a boulder-size grain of salt.

According to the leaker, Resident Evil 8 is set to come out during Q1 2021, so by the end of March 2021 at the latest.

We don’t get a lot of details about the gameplay, apart from one – the Witch. This enemy will hunt Ethan throughout the game and will dissolve into a swarm of insects when damaged. She’s somewhat similar to RE7’s Marguerite.

Both Ethan and Chris will be playable at different points in the story. Chris mostly appears in flashbacks, and in one of them, he seems to be shooting at Ethan and his family. It isn’t clear is Chris is a bad guy this time around, though it seems unlikely.

Resident Evil 8, or Resident Evil Village, will take place in a European village, just like Resident Evil 4 did. Ethan will explore this village in first-person and experience hallucinations that will blur the line between dream and reality.

According to Dusk Golem, who is another prolific leaker, RE8 is “by far the biggest departure the series has ever taken.” So far of a departure, that it might piss off veteran fans of the series.

Most of this information seems to be from a demo Capcom has been testing out, so it might not represent the final game accurately (again – tale your mandatory grain of salt). Still, it gives us some indication of what Capcom is planning for Resident Evil 8.

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