Grand Guilds is a story-driven tactical RPG with card battle mechanics, similar to games like Gloomhaven. The game was developed by Drix Studios – a one-man team based in the Philippines.

After developing mainly mobile games in the past years, Drix Studios is hoping to bring its passion to PC and consoles, with the help of publisher Keybol Games and a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Grand Guilds Follows Eliza and her merry crew across the continent of Irin. The land is ruled by four rival guilds that bring the entire continent to the brink of war. As a hero belonging to one of those guilds, you are your party will set forth to unravel a mystery that plagues the four guilds, and perhaps bring about peace.

To do that, you’ll learn the game’s semi-innovating battle mechanics. Build a deck of abilities and skills for each character and use them in turn-based tactical combat. The deck customization options are where Grand Guilds lets its RPG elements show, as you can tailor each character’s playstyle.

The characters in your party all stand out form one another, with their own deck and role during the battle (DPS, Healer, Tank, etc.). They even have unique mechanics you can unlock by leveling them up. Your team members always yell out the actions they take in battle, so if you’re an anime fan, that’s another reason to give them cool new moves.

Customize each character's deck.

As with most tactical games, the battlefield is divided into squares with hight differences and obstacles scattered across it. These battle maps, as well as the side-quests, are procedurally generated, so Grand Guilds does have some replay value to it.

The anime art style and tactical combat should appeal to fans of JRPGs like Fairy Tail, or even the strategic and cute Wargroove.

Grand Guilds is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch, with upcoming Xbox One and PS4 versions. Drix Studios is planning on releasing DLC in the future, so if you like what you see, know there’s going to be more of it.

Grand Guilds

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