Indie developer Playmestudio announced The Signifier, a “tech-noir” mystery adventure coming to PC this summer.

You’ll explore the darkest reaches of the human mind and interpret the abstract language of unconscious thought. All in the hope of uncovering the truth behind a grisly murder of a tech company’s vice president.

The Signifier blends investigation, experimental psychology, and artificial intelligence. You play as Frederick Russell, an expert in AI and psychology, and the leading researcher behind an experimental deep brain scanner called the Dreamwalker.

When the vice president of the world’s biggest tech company turns up dead in her apartment under mysterious circumstances, Russel is asked to use his invention to come up with answers.

With the Dreamwalker, you delve into the last memories of the victim and solve the puzzles hidden in her subconscious.

Throughout the game, you move between three coexisting plains: the real world, the victim’s objective memories, and her subjective dreams. As you solve puzzles and discover new clues, you’ll unlock new dialog branches that might lead you closer to the truth.

The Signifier aims to make you question the implications of AI, our willingness to give up our privacy, and whether we see the world as it is rather than a subjective creation of our minds. Thought-provoking stuff.

This surreal game is being published by Raw Fury, a publisher that isn’t a stranger to weird video games. They’re even publishing that game about a trash panda detective – another noir adventure.

Once again, The Signifier is a PC exclusive (for now), coming to Steam later this year.

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