Gamedec, the cyberpunk adventure that lets you play as a video game detective, is finally available for backing on Kickstarter.

Alongside the Kickstarter campaign, the game revealed a new release window and 10 minutes of brand new gameplay.

Gamedec is a story-driven cyberpunk adaptive RPG where you play as a detective that solves mysteries in virtual worlds. We plenty of story-driven and cyberpunk-themed RPGs heading our game (yes, including that one). However, it’s the adaptive part that makes Gamedec a game worth getting hyped about.

In Gamedec, you face many decisions, skill checks, and other tasks on your way to solve your investigations. The game takes these choices and consequences into consideration and adapts its branching story accordingly. Fail a skill check, and you might get an expendable perk, called Aspect, that you can use to pass the next obstacle.

By going through interrogations, skill checks, and looking for other clues, you can unravel the mysteries behind your cases. You can choose what to deduct out of your investigation. Depending on your choice, the story can branch in different ways, leading to various cases and endings.

With the new Kickstarter campaign, the game has revealed a release window of Q4 2020. A backer-exclusive beta will be available during Q2 2020. The game will release for PC only at the moment, and you can wishlist it on Steam.

To get you a bit more excited about the game, the developers at Anshar Studios released a new 10-minute gameplay walkthrough of one of the cases in Gamedec. In the video, our character is hired by a powerful executive whose son is trapped inside a video game. Our investigation takes us into a dark, new game world called Twisted & Perverted.

Throughout the demo, we learn about some new mechanics in the game. Interrogations require us to carefully choose dialog options to shake information out of characters. Guardian Angel is a powerful ability that lets us gather that info and make deductions in “administrator mode.”

There are plenty of reasons to be excited for Gamedec when it releases at the end of this year on PC. Until then, you can follow and back the Kickstarter project and get access to the beta when it opens in a few months.

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