In Other Waters trailer reveals the game’s April release date

A new trailer reveals In Other Waters’ release date. The game will be available on PC and Switch on April 3.

In this unique game, you will assume the role of an AI onboard the advanced diving suit of Ellery Vas. Ellery is a xenobiologist that explores the depths of an unknown ocean on planet Gliese 677Cc in search of her partner. It’s your job to keep her safe and help her unravel the mysteries of this peculiar world.

You and Ellery will learn to trust each other while exploring and learning about the life forms in this vast ocean. Your communication might be limited, but your mutual experiences, facing harsh truths, will make your bond tighter and tighter.

In Other Waters features an upgradeable exploration system to help you uncover new paths, creatures, and environments. Additionally, you will become a semi-xenobiologist yourself, as you’ll help Ellery sample, interact, catalog, and classify the different life forms in this new ecosystem.

As you see in the trailer, your point of view is rather unique. You research the seas but will not actually see anything. Your “eyes” are the various sensors on Ellery’s suit, and everything you know about this strange abyss is communicated to you by her.

This does not mean you are left in the dark. While everything you see is mostly yellow dots on a map, Ellery’s notes and sketches will fill in the gaps with a beautiful color palette.

You’ll be able to use your UI to interpret signals, map the area around you, mark your destination for easy navigation. You’ll have control over the diving schedule and agenda, and will choose whether and what to explore.

In Other Waters was first announced for PC in 2018, but developer Gareth Damian Martin recently revealed the game is also coming to the Nintendo Switch. To our delight, COVID-19 did not affect this game’s release date, and we’ll get to play it on both platforms on April 3.

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