Developer Long Hat House and publisher Raw Fury have released a new content update for the highly recommended, award-winning 2D Metroidvania Dandara, called Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition.

The additional content was released as a free update to those who already possess a copy of Dandara, to celebrate the game’s second anniversary.

Trials of Fear introduces the Hidden Realms, a new parallel universe containing new creatures and puzzles to solve with new additional skills for Dandara. These new skills can be used throughout the world of Salt, even if you’re in an area from the original Dandara.

In fact, the DLC is so well integrated into the game, it feels completely seamless. Crossing between DLC content and the original game is so smooth, you can’t tell where one ends, and the other begins.

The publisher and developer emphasize that this expansion expands the lore of the world of Salt. Characters living in these realms now have new dialogs and cutscenes. The focus on the story, the world of Salt and its inhabitants makes it easier to relate and get emotionally attached to the characters. The cutscenes themselves are well-written and highlight each character’s nature and behavior.

Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition

Even though the game uses pixel art, the attention to detail in characters, world, and enemy creatures makes Dandara so impressive and fun to play through. The ambiance in the new areas thoughtfully sets the theme exactly as it should be.

New bosses and mini-bosses are challenging as much as the ones in the original game, and the puzzles are just as intense. Some can really frustrate you, while others make you feel like an expert for nailing them. The flowing movement of Dandara as she quickly and accurately jumps from one surface to another made wish I had a better controller.

Dandara: Trials of Fear really steps up the overall experience of the world of Salt, and it is a blessed addition to an already fun game. We just hope future content or work from the developer and publisher will be just as good and challenging as this new edition.

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