We have a new trailer for The Falconeer, a game that caught my eye and captured my imagination for all the right reasons.

I’m a passionate fan of space and flight simulators. Soaring through the skies has always been my way of exploring the virtual universe. But my enthusiasm for piloting an aerial vehicle hadn’t begun with the likes of Microsoft Flight Simulator, but with DragonStrike – a game where you pilot a dragon.

DragonStrike is a dragon-flight simulator with role-playing elements from 1990. Flying through the skies of Krynn while fighting other dragons was an experience that shaped my interest in flying simulators and video games.

Now comes The Falconeer, a single-player flight simulator on the back of giant mythical beasts.

In The Falconeer, you play as an airborne warrior with a variety of ranged attacks that combine classic dogfighting action with many acrobatic maneuvers and enemies to fight. The battles are not only against other Falconeers but also airships, flying manta rays, and dragon-like weavers.

This is a role-playing game set in a fictional oceanic world named Ursee that evolves around a large scale conflict. The open-world provides the player with many locations to explore and find treasures, pirates, monsters, and all the regular stuff you find in a high fantasy game.

The player will advance through quests and jobs to become a legendary fighter. There are a few factions and backgrounds to choose from, and they will affect the story and the missions the player will receive and the results of the conflict. While the game claims to be a dogfighting game, the fast pace of the Falconeers and high maneuverability, differ it from classic dogfighting games. The combats are fast-paced and look thrilling, judging by the videos.

The Falconeer looks fantastic with its low-poly, cel-shaded graphics, and high fantasy settings. The cities and airships all have distinct Steampunk aesthetics.

Tomas Sala, the game’s developer, is a co-founder of Little Chicken Game Company, and a part-time art director at the company. He is developing the game solo, among other things.

The Falconeer has no official release date but is expected sometime this year. If you love aerial combats and high fantasy open-world indie games, this could be the game for you. I already added it to my wishlist on Steam.

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