The Flower Collectors is a detective mystery set in the “political powder-keg” of post-Franco Barcelona in 1977.

You play as Jorge, an ex-cop now bound to a wheelchair. One stormy night, while observing the neighborhood through a pair of binoculars, Jorge witnesses a murder. Kinda like that classic Shia LeBeouf movie Disturbia (or Hitchcock’s Rear Window is you’re too good for Shia LeBeouf).

As Jorge, you team up with Melinda, a young and ambitious journalist who becomes your eyes and ears outside your apartment. Together, you will solve the murder and uncover Barcelona’s secrets.

You sit on your balcony with your trusty binoculars, a camera, and a transmitter. With these, you’ll spy on a cast of colorful characters who all happen to be animals. Then, Melinda will do the legwork, and interrogate priests, beggars, club singers, and nosy old ladies to form a timeline and figure out “whodunnit.”

Vianna-based developer Mipumi Games names crime noir films (like Rear Window) and narrative games like Firewatch as its main source of inspiration. The Flower Collectors isn’t their first narrative adventure game – the studio previously released The Lion’s Song, a critically acclaimed title about art and inspiration.

The Flower Collectors is set to release on PC via Steam.

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