The challenging new puzzle game Disc Room has an apt title. It has rooms and discs of all shapes and sizes – most of them quite deadly.

The game was revealed after publisher Devolver Digital teased it on Twitter a few days ago. Here’s the official trailer.

In Disc Room, you play as an unnamed scientist on a mission to Jupiter. A giant disc has appeared in orbit of the planet, and you are sent to attempt to understand the mysterious secrets contained within this space slaughterhouse.

As a brave but reluctant space person, you explore the endless labyrinth of interconnected death chambers full of razor-sharp sentient discs. But what at first seems like a straightforward death maze soon unfurls into far more puzzling complexity.

When you die (and you’ll probably die), you absorb extraordinary abilities from the very discs that dice you into pieces. Dash, bend time and even clone yourself as you “become one with the discs.” In Disc Room, the only way out is through Death.

If you feel you’re ready to enter the Disc Room(s), the developers have only one piece of advice for you – stay sharp. Also, wishlist the game of Steam.

Speaking of the developers, Disc Room is a collaborative effort by several indie devs. The creators of Minit, Jan Willem Nijman and Kitty Calis, joined forces with Terri Vellmann and Doseone, who worked on HIGH HELL.

Disc Room

If you’re heading to PAX East in Boston this weekend, you can check out the game at Devolver Digital booth, and even play it.

The rest of us will delve into the alien deathtrap that is Disc Room later in 2020 on PC and maybe consoles as well.

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