Brave At Night and No More Robots announced the release date for the anticipated kingdom management simulator Yes, Your Grace.

Yes, Your Grace will be released on March 6. If you can’t wait that long, you can already play the first chapter for free.

I have high hopes for the beautifully made pixel-art and captivating story. I got to play through the game’s beta a few months ago and had a fantastic time exploring Eryk’s life and the early part of his majestic story.

The game masterfully tackles what’s it like to have to make difficult choices as a monarch – managing your kingdom’s and subject’s needs while trying to keep your family happy, together, and alive.

“Overall, the Yes, Your Grace beta delivers a lot in the short span it lasts. We got a taste of the story and the management side of this RPG and were left with a thirst for more. Luckily, the full game isn’t that far away.”

It turns out the release date wasn’t far away indeed. Yes, Your Grace comes out to Steam and GOG on March 6.

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