Neon Blight is a 2D cyberpunk rogue-lite developed by a single indie developer named Enrique Poirier.

Poirier describes his game as a rogue-lite gun store management sim. You juggle between managing and expanding your shop, and fighting through dangerous dungeons to collect more weapons to sell.

This cyberpunk “Moonlighter meets Enter the Gungeon” is now on Kickstarter, seeking to raise $29,570.

You step into the shoes of Lara, the manager of a local gun store. To supply your shop with weapons, you travel outside the city of Eden to the Outer Border, where you and fight many different enemies, solve puzzles, and discover secrets. There are over 200 rooms in the Outer Border, spread across seven distinct areas. Each location has unique landscapes, enemies, puzzles, and NPCs.

During combat, Neon Blight plays like a twin-stick shooter, where fast reflexes and precision aim rule. You will need to master those skills to survive tough boss fights or even just a horde of enemies coming from every direction with guns blazing.

Each enemy is designed with its own behavior, so you must analyze the threat before rushing into battle against foes you never encountered before.

Now, back to that store you manage. It is located in the futuristic city of Eden, a classic cyberpunk setting that Poirier promises will “feel alive.” He pays attention to every building and NPCs to make to fit into the cityscape and make it as unique as possible. For example, all NPCs have a daily schedule they adhere to, and so do places of business like other stores.

Managing your gun store is the second key component of Neon Blight. It is your primary source of income, so you will have to take care of it, keep your inventory full, and see that you never undersell a weapon. You do need to make a living, after all.

Since your customers have different personalities, they each have different reactions to different prices. Some are very cheap, and won’t agree to pay a hefty sum for a new gun, while others are willing to pour cash directly into your register. Sometimes you will get special orders you must complete in limited time, which can boost your credibility as a seller and pays extra coin.

Your performance as a gun store manager is evaluated by the shoppers who leave reviews. They might think your stock is of poor quality, or that your prices are unfair, so be careful and play your cards the right way if you want to remain in business.

There’s a reason the gun trade is booming at Eden. The outside world beyond the Outer Border is crawling with Blighters – infected, zombie-like creatures controlled by brain fungus.

Legends say that the mightiest of gunslingers have hidden the ultimate weapon out there among these abominations. If you find that weapon, you can either sell it and become the wealthiest person in the world, or use it for your own need and become the most powerful person alive.

Music has a massive impact on the overall game experience, so Poirier brought on Mathilda Armada to compose the soundtrack for Neon Blight. By the sound of the trailer, she does an excellent job.

Neon Blight Eden

Neon Blight saw some ups and downs since it went into development in 2018. After a deal with a publisher fell through, the developer decided to head Kickstarter, as he initially intended. Poirier promises to keep adding more and more content in the future, even after the game is launched.

Speaking of which, Neon Blight is scheduled to enter Early Access on PC later this year. You can show your support by backing the project on Kickstarter and follow the game on Twitter.

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