Rustler is a crazy open-world action game, full of pop-culture references, random violence, and horse-jacking. In short, it’s GTA in medieval times.

Or at least it belives it can be, and if you believe that too, you can help it achieve its goal by funding Rustler on Kickstarter.

In Rustler, you will play as Guy (I like him already), a lowborn peasant whose parents were “too lazy to give him a proper name” (I resent that idea). As Guy, your ultimate goal is to win the Great Tournament. But to do so, you’re going to need to be… creative.

This is where the whole “GTA but with horses” angle comes into play. You will highjack horses and carriages, punch bards in the face, shoot guards in the knees with a crossbow, and launch cows out of a trebuchet.

The game’s Kickstarter page gives a few wacky examples of the missions you will encounter. You will convince Round-Earthers that Earth is flat, join a medieval superhero named Iron Maiden, and help the Knight of the Holy Grail make the best moonshine in the kingdom.

Everything you do, whether it’s following the story missions or going off on a rampage, is done in the style of old school GTA games, specifically GTA 2.

But Rustler isn’t all violence, as you can probably tell. The developers mention the game is full of satire, dirty jokes, and Monty Python references. If that is your type of humor – you should find plenty of it here.

Rustler is developed by Jutsu Games, a small indie studio from Poland that previously worked on the sim game 911 Operator. They are looking for CA$ 25,000 (or about $18,935) to take the game beyond the alpha stage.

If the Kickstarter campaign proves to be fruitful, you can expect Rustler to launch on PC via Steam in Q3 2020.

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