The Blind Prophet is a dark point-and-click game that I backed on Kickstarter together with 474 other adventure fans.

The game was supposed to come out in December 2019 but was delayed until January 10, 2020. When the time came, Ars Goetia Games delayed the game yet again, so they have time to add Chinese support on day one.

But today, the developer announced a new, final release date. The Blind Prophet will be released on PC via Steam on February 5.

Ars Goetia will start working on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and mobile versions following a successful PC release. However, they refuse to commit to a specific release date just yet.

So now that we have a final release date for The Blind Prophet – let’s jog your memory a bit – or introduce the game to you for the first time.

The Blind Prophet combines a comic book art style, traditional point-and-click mechanics, and a few minigames to tell a story about philosophy, redemption, and moral struggle.

You play as Bartholomeus, an apostle chosen by God to rid the earth of demonic corruption. He arrives at the city of Rotbork to fulfill his divine duty, but things take a twisted turn. Saying more might spoil the story.

If you want to try it out for yourself, there’s a PC demo available. It’s rather short, but it was enough to sell me on the gameplay and atmosphere. If you’re a fan of brooding antiheroes that fight demons by pointing and clicking – definitely check it out.

Once again – The Blind Prophet comes out on February 5 for the PC. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and mobile version will follow.

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