Only one year after its initial release, Wargroove is getting a brand new free DLC titled Double Trouble.

Wargroove Double Trouble will include the new Outlaw faction, two new roguish units and other content we were missing in the original game when we first played and reviewed Wargroove. On top of that, there are even improvements to already existing features.

Wargroove Double Trouble DLC

Most of the new content revolves around new commanders and units at the center of a co-op story campaign. The co-op mode will be playable both locally and online, as well solo if you so wish.

The three new commanders and two units tie into the story and to new arcade missions. Hopefully, they will expand the already varied choices you can make in each fight.

Adding two units with special skills is going to change the current meta and even the way players will play solo. The new thief unit specifically gives you a huge strategic advantage. Because every fight is built around your funds, its ability to ransack enemy gold makes the thief play almost like a vampire, which is pretty cool.

Multiplayer will now be more accessible. You can create public and private lobbies to play custom campaigns online, which is the best part of Wargroove. Quickplay will also be a thing now, and will even include some of the community’s most competitive maps as voted by the Groove of War team.

Wargroove Double Trouble DLC

The already expansive custom editor tools will be even better. Now with a new volcano map theme, unit modifiers, and increased map upload slots, we can hope to see even more creative player-made maps and custom campaigns.

The free DLC will be launching at the same time as an upcoming patch, which will also include balance adjustments to several units and Commanders.

Wargroove Double Trouble is coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on February 6. The DLC will be dropping on PlayStation 4 soon after, though the exact date is still to be revealed.

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