Game Freak, creators of the Pokemon games, have released a new game called Little Town Hero in October 2019.

Until now, the game was only available digitally. But in spring 2020, it will be released as a physical edition under the name Little Town Hero Big Idea. The new version will include the full game, plus a few surprises.

Little Town Hero is set in an isolated town at the very edge of the world. Our hero, a little boy called Axe, dreams of the outer world but is forbidden to leave, as is everyone in the town. A classic setting for a coming-of-age story.

Suddenly, everything changes. No, not because the Fire Nation attacked, but rather a colossal monster. Axe finds out that he can fight it by harnessing the powers of a mysterious stone that transforms his imagination into attacks. During the game, you’ll discover the secrets behind this stone and the monsters that repeatedly assault the town.

Little Town Hero is an RPG that incorporates a strategic combat system without any needless grinding to level up or item gathering. The battles occur in the town, where you’ll turn Axe’s ideas (Izzits) into reality (Dazzits) to counter and defeat the monster’s moves.

Between battle rounds, you’ll be able to travel around town. Specific locations will grant you access to special moves, and some citizens can help you fend off the monsters. When a battle concludes, you’ll gain “eureka points” that you’ll use to upgrade Axe’s moves.

You might also enjoy knowing that most of the game’s soundtrack was created by Toby Fox, the creator of the indie darling Undertale.

Little Town Hero Big Idea will be available only on Nintendo Switch, and contains a physical copy of the game, an art book, a poster, and the game’s soundtrack.

Little Town Hero Big Idea

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