Gleamlight is a hidden indie jewel that caught my attention completely. In this 2D action platformer, you play as a sword.

I know, your character doesn’t look like a sword. That’s because you take the role of Gleam, a sword that took the form of a child. You will take on fearsome enemies in a quest to reach the very heart of this beautiful, stained-glass world created by DICO.

Everything, from the grass, trees, and even the land itself, is made of colorful stained glass. There’s no UI to guide you on your way, making the game more mature and challenging than it first appears. The designers created the game in such a way that what you need to do will be revealed to the player without using actual words.

Gleamlight’s trailer does not reveal a lot about the story or gameplay, but we do know Gleam will seek the help of other children. However, we don’t know how they fit into the plot just yet.

Gleamlight will be released in early 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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