In Neko Ghost, Jump!, you leap, go invisible like a ghost, shift your perspective, and do whatever it overpower the Ghost Pirate Dogs and save your loved ones.

You might first think that Neko Ghost, Jump! is just another 2D platformer. But that will instantly change when you shift the game perspective to 3D for the first time.

Shifting from 2D to 3D view helps you discover new ways to overcome the obstacles you face. You then and quickly change back to 2D mid-air so you can land safely on the next platform.

But changing your point of view isn’t going to save you when Ghost Dogs or carnivorous plants are on your tail. That’s when you need to “go ghost” and chop them down.

According to the developers, the full version of Neko Ghost, Jump! will have a total of 36 levels: seven different biomes, with five levels each plus a boss level. Each biome has its own unique environmental dangers, enemies, puzzles, and final bosses. They should feel distinct from one another and give you a refreshing experience as you progress.

Neko Ghost, Jump! 3D

Each level also has a leaderboard that displays players’ best times. If you’re itching for some healthy competition, you can keep running a level and attempt to break the current record.

Neko Ghost’s demo version hooked me right off the bat, and I immediately felt the urge to climb up the leaderboard in all five available levels. I pushed myself to master the jump mechanics just so I can save precious moments every time my paws hit the ground.

While the game left me with an excellent drive to “Git Gud,” I also felt it didn’t reward me for any other aspect of the game besides beating the clock. Not for killing all enemies without taking any damage or collecting all coins. However, I’m confident the developers will adjust the game to acknowledge more player achievements.

Neko Ghost, Jump! 2D

The adorable art and dynamic music make jumping around, collecting coins, and fighting the bad guys continuously fun. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve completed a level already, you will be ready to do it ‘just one more time.’

You can expect roughly between 6-12 hours of gameplay. It all depends on whether you’re trying to speedrun and compete on the leaderboards, or taking the time to enhance your techniques so you can beat every biome’s boss.

Neko Ghost, Jump! is developed by Burgos Games and is coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in 2020.

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