Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon is an immensely successful board game by Awaken Realms. How successful? Well, the Kickstarter campaign brought in £4,940,030, which is a 10,000% more than the original £40,000 goal.

One of the campaign’s stretch goals was a full video game RPG based in the world of Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon, called only Tainted Grail.

Tainted Grail is not a board game adaptation. Awaken Realms developed a new RPG experience that draws inspiration from the board game but will have many differences.

The game is set after the death of King Arthur, as the Wyrdness starts to flow over the land. You are a hero, one of a party of champions sent from the dying island of Avalon to Camelot to seek help.

You’ll explore an open-world and engage in turn-based combat, hero development, and even diplomacy. You’ll face difficult choices during the dark fantasy single-player campaign, and your actions and decisions will directly influence the plot.

Your hero can be upgraded with new equipment and skills to boost their abilities, as is the custom in role-playing games. But you can also develop and take care of your village. To expand and improve your little hamlet, you’ll need to solve story encounters and do a fair share of exploring to unlock more development options.

Exploring the land takes a high toll since the Wyrdness is twisting everything it touches. You’ll have to carefully manage your resources and defend yourself against both the effects of the Wyrdness and the enemies roaming the map ready to strike.

Combine your party’s skills and devise a strategy that will guarantee you triumph over these enemies. Chain combos, use runes and items, and take advantage of each character’s qualities, and you might not die there out.

Tainted Grail’s alpha version should land in the hands of Kickstarter backers today, December 20. Awaken Realms are known to listen to player feedback, and implement critiques from their community.

I am sure the game will turn out great when it is released in 2020 on PC.

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