I first noticed Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin at E3 2017, where it was revealed as a PlayStation 4 and PC title. In June 2019, the action-RPG was announced for Nintendo Switch as well, with its release expected in winter 2019, alongside the PlayStation 4 and PC versions.

Unfortunately, publisher XSEED Games reported a delay and postponed the game’s release to 2020.

Sakuna is the Goddess of Harvest, and as such, she works hard on planting, growing, harvesting, and processing high-quality rice crops. The better the yields are, the more her powers grow.

But why does a goddess have to grow rice by the sweat of her brow? Sakuna was exiled from the heavenly capital to an island filled with demons. Now she has to spend her life among the humans living there.

Sakuna is by no means a wimp. She can jump around and fight like a demon, as we see in the trailer. She has a magic scarf with which she can traverse the island and explore hidden locations. The scarf is also very helpful in combat, and Sakuna uses it for some very creative combos.

Sakuna will also collect and upgrade equipment and weapons, and will have to make use of the landscape to overpower the lurking demons and creatures.

The sceneries of the Land of Tanato, where the game takes place, are absolutely gorgeous and will make you wish you could to travel there. Personally, I’m intrigued by the visual and sound design that is heavily inspired by East-Asian culture.

I look forward to playing Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin when it comes out on PlayStation 4, PC, and Switch in 2020. Hopefully Q1 2020.

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