Conv/rgence is the second title Riot Games has announced during The Game Awards 2019. Double Stallion Games have partnered with Riot Forge for a new action platformer staring League of Legends’ Ekko.

We play as Ekko, a young inventor with an ingenious device that can manipulate time. The teaser trailer of Conv/rgence shows just enough to make us feel the rebellious, almost arrogant personality of Ekko.

The game will take place in the undercity district of Zaun. The city is suffocated from the leaking fumes of the undercity. But Zaun wasn’t always like this – the industrialized, dirty Zaun and the pristine, thriving Piltover were once united. But no more.

The undercity is now a dark reflection of the city above. Zaun’s black markets offer many of Piltovers’ goods, drawing the attention of hextech inventors who find prefer to operate on the shady side. Their unsanctioned research has polluted the undercity with toxic streams. Still, the people of Zaun will always find a way to exist and thrive.

Ekko is one of those people. He saw past Zaun’s flaws, excited of its overflowing energy and limitless potential. He became one of the “Lost Children of Zaun” and saw the labyrinthine streets as his mentor. One night he trekked alone to a demolished laboratory and found something that would change everything, or more precisely – every time. That’s when Ekko uncovered the hextech device that allows him to manipulate short moments in time and is the source of his abilities in LoL.

In Conv/rgence, Ekko will discover that the power to change time comes with many consequences. It could have something to do with alternative realities and alternative “echo” versions of himself through different timelines. I can only wonder how many echoes he created over time that he’s not aware of.

We’ll find out how he’s going to fix reality in Conv/rgence once the game comes out in 2020 for PC and consoles.

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