Prologue is a new game “outside of Battle Royale genre.”

Brenden Greene, aka PlayerUnknown, is leading the development of the game at a new studio called PlayerUnknown Productions.

Prologued was revealed during The Game Awards 2019 with a very short teaser trailer. The video shows a forest in the midst of a storm, and we can hear someone’s shallow, scared breaths while dogs bark in the distance.

An official press release was sent to us after the show, but it doesn’t reveal any more information about the game itself.

Instead, we learn what Greene is hoping to accomplish with Prologue.

“Prologue is an exploration into new technologies and gameplay,” Greene stated. “Our aim with this game is to give players unique and memorable experiences, each and every time they play.” He also mentioned that Prologue will be a brand-new experience “outside the Battle Royale genre.”

So we know Prologue won’t be a Battle Royale game but will change each time you play it. It could be a procedurally-generated single-player experience or a multiplayer title where player interaction can have a significant impact. Or it could be a dozen other things. We won’t know for sure until we get more information.

If you want to follow Prologue’s development, you can sign up for a newsletter on the game’s official site, or follow it on Twitter.

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