Liberated, a cyberpunk noir thriller is a Switch timed exclusive coming 2020

Liberated is an action-adventure title that merges graphic novels and side-scrolling action.

The story is told through the pages of a digital comic book that transitions into the hand-drawn graphics of the gameplay segments. You’ll shoot, sneak, jump, and climb your way across a world eerily similar to our own, in which technology controls the people and not the other way around.

The game deals with themes of authoritarianism. Government surveillance, state-fueled fake news, and weaponized personal data are all part of this bleak, always-online society.

You’ll play from the perspective of multiple characters with clashing ideals and moralities. The game aims to show you the story from various points of view so you can parse the truth for yourself.

Liberated was previously a PC exclusive, but yesterday we learned it will also be available on Nintendo Switch. The game was one of the few indie titles highlighted in a new Nintendo Direct, where it was revealed it is a Switch timed exclusive.

Liberated will be coming to Nintendo Switch first in 2020, followed by a PC release at a later date.

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