Resident Evil 3 is getting a remake, and here’s a trailer to prove it:

It’s not that surprising, as fans were clamoring for one after the successful Resident Evil 2 remake was released. We also saw some leaked marketing material earlier this month, so we kind of knew it was coming.

But know it’s official – Resident Evil 3 Remake is a reimagined┬áversion of the classic survival horror title Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

Jill Valentine is back in a much more sensible getup. Just like in the original, most of the game is spent running through a devastated Raccoon City, with the unrelenting bioweapon Nemesis on your tail.

Resident Evil 3 takes place before, during, and after the events of Resident Evil 2, and I have a feeling we’re going to see more connections between them this time around. For example, towards the beginning of the trailer, you can see Jill escaping am apartment building while a large figure is chasing her. At first, I thought it was Nemesis, but a close inspection of the creature’s silhouette reveals it is none other than Mr. X from RE2.

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

Once you finished all the combat and puzzle-solving in the campaign, you can move on to the game’s multiplayer mode – Resident Evil Resistance.

This asymmetrical 4v1 cooperative mode puts four players in the role of everyday survivors, and one player in the role of the Mastermind behind the vicious experiment. Today we learn that these Masterminds are actually familiar characters from the Resident Evil universe, like Annette Birkin.

Resident Evil 3 Remake will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, on April 3, 2020. If it’s as good as Resident Evil 2 Remake, it might be the first time I actually finish the game. Nemesis was way too terrifying for my young self in 1999.

Capcom also released a small batch of screenshots that give us a better look at Jill, Carlos, Nemesis and Raccoon City.

Resident Evil 3 Jill
Resident Evil 3 zombies
Resident Evil 3 Jill
Resident Evil 3 Carlos

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