2K has announced they’ve assembled a new studio to work on the next BioShock game.

The studio, called Cloud Chamber, is described as “a collective of storytellers eager to push the frontlines of interactive entertainment by making unique, entertaining and thoughtful experiences that engage the world.”

Cloud Chamber

One of these “unique, entertaining and thoughtful experiences” will be the next iteration of the BioShock series. We don’t really know much about the game at this point, except that it’s a narrative-heavy FPS, which isn’t that surprising.

Cloud Chamber is led by Kelley Gilmore, a 22-year industry veteran who shipped more than 40 games. Gilmore previously worked at Firaxis Games on franchises such as Civilization and XCOM.

According to the official announcement, she is the first woman in 2K history to launch and lead a development studio, even though the company has been around since 2005.

“We founded Cloud Chamber to create yet-to-be-discovered worlds – and their stories within – that push the boundaries of what is possible in the video game medium,” Kelley Gilmore said. “Our team believes in the beauty and strength of diversity, in both the makeup of the studio and the nature of its thinking. We are a deeply experienced group of game makers, including many responsible for BioShock’s principal creation, advancement and longstanding notoriety, and honored to be part of the 2K family as stewards of this iconic franchise.”

A few BioShock veterans have also joined Cloud Chamber. However, Ken Levine, the director of both the original BioShock and BioShock Infinite (aka “the best BioShock game”) is not involved with the new title.

Levine closed down Irrational Games in 2014, only to reopen it under the name Ghost Story Games in 2017. His new studio is working on a sci-fi FPS unrelated to the BioShock franchise.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the new BioShock once we get more information. In the meantime, go play BioShock Infinite again.

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