Brave at Night’s kingdom management RPG Yes, Your Grace is now in beta, and we had a chance to play it. We got a peek at the beautiful pixel art, management elements, and choices system.

Better yet, we got to see how it all affects your king’s personality.

Yes, Your Grace sets you as the ruler of a Renaissance period castle. You play Eryk, a king with a small kingdom to rule and a big family to keep.

You spend your days in the throne room, where petitioners come with various requests. Dealing with all of them is a major part of what you do in the game. You slowly figure out the correct order to address requests to get the results you’re aiming for and learn to anticipate what each type of citizen is going to ask you.

But you also need to deal with issues concerning your royal family. In the Yes, Your Grace beta, I encountered an inciting event that set in motion a series of impactful decisions in a short time. By the end, the future of your family and that of the kingdom are bound together. As if you need any more incentives to manage your kingdom properly.

Yes, Your Grace beta throne room

Since your kingdom is quite small, your resources are very limited, and you can never have it all. You always have to make choices and set priorities. Some petitioners will approach you with a business proposal, and choosing what and who to invest in is crucial for your kingdom’s future. Another way to gain resources is by alliances with neighboring kingdoms and lords – Complete a quest for them, and they will help you.

If all else fails, a loan from the bank is always an option for quick gold or supplies if you find yourself in over your head.

The pixel art is lovely, and the animation is smooth, though character models tend to repeat themselves in the beta. It makes it hard to tell different characters apart, especially in one instant where I had to identify and expose an impostor.

Overall, the Yes, Your Grace beta delivers a lot in the short span it lasts. We got a taste of the story and the management side of this RPG and were left with a thirst for more. Luckily, the full game isn’t that far away.

Yes, Your Grace will release in early 2020 on Steam, your grace.

Family comes first
Take care of your kingdom
Yes, Your Grace beta map
Yes, Your Grace beta daughter

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