Gamedec video explores the cyberpunk streets of Low City

The developers at Anshar Studios released a new video for their upcoming RPG Gamedec. In this one, they talk about one of the areas in the game’s dystopian, futuristic universe – the Low City.

Gamedec takes place in Warsaw, Poland, in the 22nd century. The city is divided into districts where the residents have completely different qualities of life. It’s effectively a class system.

Today, executive producer Łukasz Hacura, and author Marcin Przybyłek tell us about the lowest, darkest, and poorest district.

Low City has everything a Game Detective needs. The night clubs are open 24/7, the thrills are cheap (and often dangerous to your health), and the mutant rats don’t attack as often as they used to. It’s a dark place, both figuratively and literally, as sunlight doesn’t reach all the way down there.

If you stand on the edge of Low City and look down, you’ll see dust-covered ruins of Old Warsaw. That place is called Undercity, and it’s inhabited by savages, poisonous bats, and the mutant rats I mentioned earlier. Compared to that place, Low City is a neon-lit paradise.

If you’d like to visit Low City, and the other districts of 22nd century Warsaw, you can follow Gamedec on Steam.

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