West of Dead is a procedurally-generated supernatural twin-stick shooter, starring none other than Ron Perlman.

As Ron Perlman (or William Mason if you insist on using the character’s actual name) you’ll stride through Purgatory, Wyoming, and gun down lost souls. It’s still unclear why you’re shooting everything that moves, but it makes some sense in a Wild West setting.

But we do know a little bit more about the story. According to the game’s official site, “when a dead man awakens with only the memory of a figure in black, he sets into motion a chain of events that have truly mythic consequences.”

My guess is that we’ll learn more about why Mason returned as a flaming-skull avenger as we play the game.

West of Dead was announced during the X019 livestream, with the cool-looking gameplay demo you see above. It’s developed by Upstream Arcade and published by Raw Fury.

The doors to Purgatory will open in 2020, on Xbox One (including Xbox Game Pass), PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Xbox One owners can now join the West of Dead beta, available until November 25.

West of Dead action
West of Dead dodge
West of Dead swamp
West of Dead exploration

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