Rare is developing a brand new game called Everwild. We got a first look at it during X019, with a beautiful trailer and very little information.

I can’t tell you much more about Everwild at this time since Rare didn’t really say anything about it. We can only speculate based on the trailer.

It looks like an open-world title focused on exploration and perhaps cooperation. We can see a group of three adventurers roaming through forests, grasslands, and lakes where they encounter magical creatures.

So there you have it – Everwild is a game where you walk around and pet magic deer. Could be a twist on Monter Hunter, but instead of hunting the creatures, you get to cuddle an adorable boar-beaver cup. Sounds fun.

I have a feeling that we’re dealing with another live game, much like Rare’s current title, Sea of Thieves. Speaking of which, Rare did say they are continuing to support Sea of Thieve while developing their new IP, so fans shouldn’t worry.

Everwild will (probably) be released on Xbox One and PC in the (near?) future. It is likely to be available on Xbox Scarlette, as well.

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