Last Stop is a game about “secret lives, the ties that bind and how magic can be found in the mundane.” And as you can see in the trailer below, it’s also about creepy people kissing with their eyes open… ugh.

The game was announced during the X019 livestream, but that was the only bit of information we got. Thanks to publisher Annapurna Interactive, we now know a little bit move about this mysterious title.

First of all, Last Stop is developed by Variable State, the same studio that created Virginia, and award-winning narrative thriller. Their new game is also a single-player narrative adventure, but this time we’re headed to present-day London instead of Virginia in the 90s.

Players will take the role of three separate protagonists going through three different stories. These seemingly standalone tales will collide at some point in what the game’s description refers to as “a supernatural crisis.”

Our three heroes are John, Meena, and Donna. Donna’s story seems to involve a ladies man who can transform into a giant bird. Meena appears to be some sort of cold-blooded assassin, while John is stuck in a Freaky Friday situation.

The key gameplay mechanic is conversations with multiple-choice dialogue, where your decisions shape parts of the story. There are also action segments, but we still can’t tell if they are based solely on QTEs or not.

Last Stop is coming to consoles and PC in 2020.

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