Tools Up trailer highlights the joys of co-op house renovation

Tools Up! is a four-player co-op game that puts your digital home renovation skills to the test. Paint walls, carpet the floor, break down doors and move expensive furniture before the clock runs out.

Your job as jacks-of-all-trades is to renovate various apartments following a blueprint the owners have left for you. Or just follow your heart and design the apartment of your dreams. I’m sure the owners won’t mind…

You’ll have to tidy up the place once you’re done, and judging by the trailer – there’s going to a lot to tidy up. But you’ll be doing it with your friends, so it’s bound to be fun, right? That is if they’ll still want to be your friends once the dust settles.

The characters look charmingly clumsy and make ridiculous gibberish noises that blend perfectly in the dynamic background music. The design is somewhat similar to the hit co-op game Overcooked, so the game is sure to catch the attention of co-op fans.

Tools Up! is developed by The Knights of Unity and published by All in! Games, and is scheduled to release in December on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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