Profane, by developer OverPowered Team, is a twin-stick bullet hell where time is money. It’s also your health. You fight against a gallery of massive bosses, but also against the clock.

Profane prides itself on its unique time system. Instead of health, you have a countdown. When you’re hit you don’t lose hit points – you lose seconds.

When the clock reaches zero, you become vulnerable and will die in one hit.

The same system works for your character’s skills. At the beginning of a fight, you choose which skills to equip (if any), and each one costs you a bit of time. Do you want to be able to teleport around? Fine, but you’re going to have 15 seconds less to beat the boss.

The game’s story mode follows Talaal, the last of God’s seven masks. As her bearer, you’ll fight against her siblings who want to absorb her power. This isn’t your fight, but you’re caught in the middle of this neverending cycle.


Profane has multiple game modes in addition to the story, including competitive leaderboards a roguelike mode. It also has built-in Twitch support that allows viewers to affect your game while you’re playing live.

All these features earned Profane the title of “Best Action Game” in Tencent’s Games Without Borders Awards.

If you’re intrigued by what you read here (and that illustrious Tencent award), you’ll be happy to know Profane is now available on Steam.

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