Tangle Tower is a mystery adventure game by SFB Games. You play as Grimoire and Sally, and investigate a very unusual murder case.

The lead suspect is a shadowy figure sighted looming over the victim’s body. If you think things are going in your way already – you better think again. Our main suspect is not, in fact, a person; it’s a bloody painting.

The bright facade of Tangle Tower is highly deceiving, for secrets lurk in it’s darkest corners. It’s your duty to hunt for clues, interrogate every suspect and break down anything that stands in your way, which in this case are many brain-twisting puzzles.

Luckily, you don’t have to do everything by yourself. Sally and Grimoire are the two main characters to play, and they help you discover all the mysteries hidden in every single room of this creepy tower. Each door leads to new puzzles you definitely want to solve if you care to obtain a new piece of evidence or uncover more leads.

Tangle Tower Grimoire

Most puzzles require you to pay close attention to your surroundings and to predict the consequences of different actions. Graphics seem extremely polished and all dialogs are full of charm.

I trust this game to make our investigation not too straight forward and expecting a whole lot of”Aha” moments after a successful deduction. The more information you gather and the more your suspects’ testimonies begin to fall apart. Don’t get too excited just yet, because this could also mean stumbling on even more mysterious.

Tangle Tower is already available on Apple Arcade and will be available on PC through Steam and Nintendo Switch on October 22.

Tangle Tower Lake
Tangle Tower Puzzle
Tangle Tower Fitz
Tangle Tower Room Map
Tangle Tower Fifi
Tangle Tower Deduction Moment

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