Purgatory is a horror adventure game inspired by the Italian films of the 1970s, teen slashers, and classic Game Boy art style.

The game tells the story of Alex, a young student in a prestigious international school up in the Swiss Alps. She and her friends are driving home from a party, when their car goes off the road and into a tree.

When Alex wakes up, she finds herself lost in the woods, and her friends are nowhere to be seen. Something is terribly wrong.

It slowly becomes clear that Alex isn’t just looking for her friends, but saving them from an unknown fate. As she explores a seemingly abandoned mansion, she must face both literal demons for Hell, and the ones haunting her from the past.

Purgatory is an adventure game, but it changes the rules a little. Alex doesn’t have bottomless pockets. She can carry only three items at a time, which can be dropped pr swapped with new ones if needed. You’ll have to choose what to take with you carefully, and think before you act.

It’s also not your classic point-and-click game. To save your friends, you’ll have to act quickly, using the fully keyboard-based control scheme or your Gamepad. You’ll be able to walk and run at will in a fast-moving, side-scrolling adventure.

Joel Mayer's Purgatory

You can tell the game also very focused on the story, with a cast on interesting and sometimes dangerous characters. However, it doesn’t neglect the visual side of things. The rich, low-res aesthetic is reminiscent of classic SNES and Game Boy titles.

Every character has an animated portrait (like the one you can see on the bottom left in the picture above), and fully illustrated cutscenes push the story along.

Purgatory will come out on PC and MAC “when you least expect it.” The game will be available through Steam and Itch.io.

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