Yaga is an action RPG based on the “murderous legends” of Slavic mythology. You play as Ivan, an unlucky, one-handed blacksmith on an impossible task from the tzar.

On his dark, often funny journey, Iven will battle legendary monsters from Eastern-European folklore using his blacksmith tools, upgradable prosthetic arm, and magic. He will also cross paths the Baba Yaga, the notorious witch living in a magical hut with chicken legs.

Yaga features a deep crafting system for forging lightning hammers, hookshot pitchforks, and other deadly melee weapons. Ivan is a blacksmith, after all, so expect a wide variety of weapons and upgrades.

You will also have access to talismans, magical items, blessing, curses, perks, and skills. According to developer Breadcrumbs, combining them all should fundamentally change how Ivan plays. Every player can create their own version of Ivan.

You specific Ivan build, and the way you play will unlock different mission outcomes, which lead to multiple endings. There are also many hidden secrets to uncover, something the dev hopes will lead to numerous playthroughs.

Publisher Versus Evil recently released a new Yaga video, highlighting one of the enemies you’ll encounter. Here’s a short exploration of the lore behind the half-man, half-bird Nightingale:

“In popular Russian legend, Il’ya Muromets is an epic and heroic figure. On a mission to get to Kiev, Il’ya had to cross the Briansk Woods. The path through was overgrown, as Solovei Rakhmatich, also known as Nightingale, killed all who attempted to pass.

“Nightingale was known for his powerful whistle, which could flatten trees and kill men dead. Il’ya survived Nightingale’s powerful whistle, he shot a fiery arrow at Nightingale’s temple, pounced on him and captured him. Nightingale’s human children tried to come to his rescue, but Il’ya killed them all. Il’ya then presented Nightingale to the prince and ultimately beheaded the half-man, half-bird thief. But this never happened in Ivan’s world. The legendary warrior Il’ya is far away, and Nightingale is on the loose. Can a simple blacksmith face such a challenging foe?”

Yaga gameplay

Yaga is coming to PC via the Epic Store, and to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch in November. You can pre-order on Epic to save %20 on the game, the soundtrack, and the Bad Luck Bundle, which include both.

The soundtrack features tracks by Romanian hip-hop group Subcarpați, which you can check out on Spotify or Deezer.

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