Disco Elysium release date trailer reveals an ambitious RPG experience

“Get dressed detective, the city awaits” – those are the opening words of the new release date trailer for Disco Elysium.

In this upcoming open-world RPG by ZA/UM, you play as a detective. With a wild skill tree system at your disposal, you solve cases, explore the city and interrogate its unforgettable cast of citizens.

“Be a hero, a prophet, a madman, and the greatest detective the world has ever seen.” You get to choose how you play your character. Your fate and the outcome of cases are based entirely on our choices and actions. You can approach the open world in any way you want, and experience a different playthrough every time you start Disco Elysium.

If you’re still not convinced, the trailer shows you different outcomes to different choices and the effects of your chosen skills.

All features aim to make Disco Elysium “the roleplaying adventure of a lifetime.” It’s pretty ambitious, but with 60+ hours of gameplay, a massive open world, a ton of side-investigations and countless tools and options, it might be possible. We’re talking about endless skill combinations, character and clothing customization, and plenty of psychoactive substances.

Disco Elysium will be available starting October 15 on Steam and GOG.

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